Web of People Involved in a Community AssociationOur law firm was founded to promote and protect homeowner associations, so it naturally follows that we would take that responsibility to the highest levels of government. Our time spent representing the industry in the political arena has made us even more effective when representing community associations in our own backyards, bringing a highly-valued set of skills to your board.

Our thorough knowledge of community associations made us ideal lobbyists for the industry, bringing our clients’ positions before state and local lawmakers. Our efforts have helped defend existing statutes, argue against proposed changes in the law, and influence public opinion to ensure that you and your community members can continue to do business in the way that works best for you.

3 Benefits of Partnering With Our Legal Team

Our lobbying experience makes us an excellent choice to represent your association because:

  1. We know what matters to you. While every association is different, they all want to protect the communities they have worked hard to build. We have the ability to draft bylaws and governing documents that reflect your values while ensuring that your directives are not in violation of the Virginia Condominium Act or the Virginia Property Owners' Association Act.
  2. We know the law. Our experience formulating legislative strategy is twofold: to ensure that our clients’ voices are heard, and to follow all ethical responsibilities to protect our clients’ reputations. Your reputation is important to us, and we do everything possible to bring positive media attention to your business. We understand how changes in the law have the ability to affect community associations, including bringing new problems and unnecessary expenses. We have worked with legislators of the Virginia General Assembly to advocate for our clients, and we frequently post information on pending legislation to our website while the General Assembly is in session.
  3. We know how to get the message across. Influence isn’t just about making a good impression; it’s having the facts available at your fingertips and knowing who is most receptive to your message. Our time preparing and presenting information to legislators and staff officials allows us to put our resources where they will do the most good. We have built personal and professional relationships with legislative members, industry magnates, advocates, and interest groups. We can also assist in advertising efforts to create public awareness campaigns, prepare testimony for legislative hearings, and generate grassroots support in our ongoing effort to protect or change the things that matter to you.

Our Community Association Attorneys Offer Both Prevention and Protection

It is vital that your community association adheres to both the letter and the spirit of the law. A small problem can quickly turn into a controversy if unit owners take legal action against the association, potentially costing you thousands of dollars in court costs. Without the proper representation, an association may be compelled to pay civil or even criminal penalties stemming from an oversight that could have been corrected with a little prevention.

In addition to financial losses, an HOA could suffer irreversible blemishes to its reputation, forcing rebranding or even sale of the property. Unit owners may bear a grudge against management companies or individual association members, tainting you and other board members by association. To make matters worse, the actions of one unscrupulous board member can ruin the solvency and operation of the entire association, and even lead to joint liability for dealings you may have known nothing about.

Attorneys David Mercer and Lucia Anna “Pia” Trigiani represent community associations throughout Virginia with all matters relating to governance and litigation, helping board members resolve disputes and avoid future legal battles. For more information, search our library articles or use our online contact form to set up a consultation with our legal team.