We are a boutique real estate law firm focusing exclusively on community association law. In our work with clients, we advocate for well-managed, transparently governed communities. Our attorneys also protect the interests of community associations in Virginia through lobbying efforts in Richmond and leading state and national professional organizations.

Association LegislationAssociation Legislation

MercerTrigiani understands that actions taken by the Virginia General Assembly can impact common interest community associations significantly. We actively monitor the actions of state legislators and organize lobbying efforts to support legislation that is in the best interest of our clients and community associations across the Commonwealth. As leaders in the community association industry, attorneys David Mercer and Pia Trigiani play a key role in promoting and protecting community associations in Virginia.

MercerTrigiani represents over 500 community associations in the Commonwealth of Virginia and maintains active involvement in the legislative process when community associations are concerned.  As experienced lobbyists for the community association industry in Virginia, we understand changes in the laws affecting community associations and are committed to keeping our clients informed as we work to promote and protect the interests of common interest communities before lawmakers.

Association GovernanceAssociation Governance

MercerTrigiani offers advice and support on the governance of common interest community associations. We are often called upon to assist our community association clients in the development of policies and procedures for the conduct of the board and in relation to membership meetings, rule development, and enforcement. 

Association LitigationAssociation Litigation

Litigation representation is an essential component of the comprehensive services we provide to common interest community associations. When it becomes necessary to take an issue to court or enter into negotiations to settle a claim, our team approach ensures that these matters—from simple complaints to complex lawsuits—are skillfully handled by our litigators with no reduction in day-to-day association support. 

Developer & Association Transitioning

At MercerTrigiani, our team has guided our clients on these types of transfers. As we take a proactive approach to ensuring a smooth transition, our priority is always on protecting our clients’ interests. It is not always easy for homeowners to voice concerns during this process, but with MercerTrigiani behind them, they will be heard, and the transition will be as smooth as possible.