Boards of directors of common interest community associations often need advice and guidance on governance. The statutory and legal framework which encompasses board governance changes rapidly and is not always intuitive. For volunteer leaders, it is critical to have legal counsel available - it eases the burden of having to keep up with changes. Legal counsel is experienced in spotting issues early so proactive problem-solving can bring about resolution without the time and expense of litigation. When an association hires MercerTrigiani, the guesswork is removed as the experienced team of attorneys and office staff work closely with community leaders to ensure legal compliance and promote effective governance. 


The MercerTrigiani team deeply understands the statutory and legal framework for community associations governance, allowing us to effectively advise and guide our clients on various matters, including:

  • Elections;
  • Meeting conduct;
  • Development of policies and procedures; 
  • Development and enforcement of association rules; and,
  • Rule enforcement.

Our experienced attorneys offer stable and reliable guidance, advice, and legal support on all aspects of association governance.

Educational Support 

MercerTrigiani believes that education is key to a successful community association and an effective board of directors. When advising clients, we take care to ensure clients understand the issues and often provide additional material for review. Through education and understanding, MercerTrigiani clients are capable of governing fluidly and become better at identifying and resolving issues before the issues materialize.

To jumpstart board education, we offer seminars for boards of directors upon request to our community association clients on topics such as:

  • Fiduciary responsibilities
  • Effective meetings
  • Rules enforcement
  • Assessment collection
  • Legislative Updates
  • Fair Housing

These training sessions are particularly helpful to newly elected board members and can be conducted in conjunction with a board's organizational meeting. We tailor sessions to each of our unique clients, helping them address their immediate needs and concerns.