The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis has strengthened its grip on our communities. We have fielded countless emails and calls from volunteer leaders and community managers who are taking extraordinary care to govern effectively in these ever changing circumstances intent on maintaining continuity in community association operations. But, these are dynamic times and volunteer leaders must remain consistent with the law and governing documents and act promptly as the crisis evolves.

Over the last week, federal and state officials have taken strong action to combat community spread of coronavirus. Most significantly at the state level, Virginia Governor Ralph S. Northam issued Executive Order Number 53 which implemented strong measures to address coronavirus - including a ban against gatherings of more than ten people and forcing certain businesses to close or dramatically limit operations. The Order adds a new wrinkle to community association governance and boards must react swiftly to adjust operations where necessary.

MercerTrigiani has updated prior guidance and prepared new materials to assist boards and community managers in continuing to navigate living and governing through the Coronavirus crisis. Please click on the links below to access the documents.

Please contact us if we can provide assistance to you and your community. Members of our MercerTrigiani team are working remotely; others are coming into the office, observing social distance protocols. We are monitoring and responding to email and phone calls. We are attending meetings virtually.

We are here for you and your community.

Take care of yourself. Take care of others. And encourage neighbors to be good neighbors.