Breakfast Brief Seminars

A cornerstone of our practice at MercerTrigiani is our commitment to ongoing education and continuing support for our clients. As part of that commitment, we host seminars on a variety of topics in our Old Town Alexandria office every quarter.

These seminars often may be used to satisfy continuing education requirements for certified community association managers. For clients who are unable to attend a seminar that interests them, we provide the handouts for download here.

Breakfast Brief Seminars Cover a Range of Practical Topics

As common interest community association attorneys, we advise clients on all aspects of association leadership, management, and enforcement. Our seminar topics reflect the range of our services and include areas such as the following:

  • Executive board management
  • Fair Housing
  • Contract issues
  • Maintenance and landscaping issues
  • Updating governing documents
  • Insurance concerns
  • Rulemaking and enforcement
  • Annual legislative updates

Past Breakfast Brief Seminars

Strategies for Improving Board FunctionWe have all experienced the challenges of serving as or working with volunteer leaders. Association leaders who do not work as a team cannot attend to important business—whether directing day-to-day operations or establishing policies for community governance. Competent and engaged leadership is the cornerstone of the strength of a community. Community associations benefit when board and committee members, as well as owners, understand the roles and responsibilities of association leaders.

Fair HousingAll Americans should have equal access to the housing of their choice—including homes in common interest communities. To promote fair and equal housing opportunities, the Fair Housing Act of 1968 and Fair Housing Amendments of 1988, as well as the Virginia fair housing law, prohibit discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, familial status, and disability.  Residential common interest communities are governed by these federal and state fair housing laws.

Contracting BasicsCommunity associations routinely enter into contracts for services. It makes good business sense for a community association to establish contracting guidelines that take into consideration all steps in the contracting process, contract requirements, and contract administration.

Navigating the Maintenance Responsibility MatrixA pipe burst causing extensive water damage to units and common and doors serving units are old and need to be replaced...unit HVAC systems are failing and need to be repaired. Who is responsible for performing such work, and who bears the associated costs? The question is simple. The answer is not. Determining association and unit owner responsibility can be complicated and requires due consideration of both the condominium instruments and the Virginia Condominium Act. Understand the factors in determining maintenance obligations and how to analyze these factors under your condominium instruments.

Annual Meetings Notices, Quorums, Proxies, Oh My! 

Amending Government Documents 

Legislative Updates

Assess MT 

Branded - How to Build (and Keep) Your Community's Good Name

Casaulty Damage pt. 2

Changes to the FHA Condominium Guidelines

Communication In Community Associations - Transparency is Good Governance

Contracting Basics 

Fair Housing Works For You 2020

Leasing in Your Community 

MercerTrigiani Legislative Tracking Chart

Navigating the Maintenance Responsibility Matrix

Parking in Your Community

A Primer on Meetings - Observing Protocol, Avoiding Pitfalls!

Resale Disclosure For Virginia Community Associations 

Rule Making and Enforcement - Getting It Right 

You Can't Fight Sin - Unless You Know It! A Primer on Smoking Bans and Sin Licensing: Alcohol, Gambling, Movies, and Music

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