As more housing developments in Virginia choose the community association governance model, the impact of legislative changes becomes increasingly significant. Currently, nearly two million Virginians live in over 8,500 community associations. These members pay $2.3 billion a year in assessments to maintain their communities. The common interest community association model is expected to become the most widespread form of housing in Virginia by 2040. It is no surprise then, that the state legislature annually attempts to legislate in areas impacting community associations.

Informing Our Clients of Changes That Will Affect Them

MercerTrigiani is the recognized resource for common interest community legislation in Virginia. While the Virginia General Assembly is in session, we keep our clients informed by posting information on several social media platforms and through email notifications.  Our attorneys regularly host seminars and provide in-depth articles and diverse communication tools for our clients.

Each year, we release a handbook of Virginia common interest community laws, which we call the RedBook. This helpful guide includes both the Virginia Condominium Act and the Virginia Property Owners' Association Act and is available free of charge through our website where you may request a hardcopy of the RedBook.

Affecting Change on Behalf of Community Associations

MercerTrigiani actively contributes to the Virginia Legislative Action Committee of Community Associations Institute (VALAC). Previously serving as legislative counsel for VALAC, we have a long history of devoting time and resources to shaping laws affecting common interest community associations in Virginia. Every January, we advocate on behalf of VALAC in the Virginia General Assembly.  Pia Trigiani coordinates the work of Community Associations Institute lobbyists, drafting legislation and position papers and testifying before committees to support legislation that furthers our interests.

Recent Legislative Action in Virginia

The Virginia General Assembly legislates on a number of matters affecting community association governance each year. Bills are introduced on a wide variety of issues potentially affecting common interest community associations and their members. As an example of the kinds of concerns being decided, the following is an incomplete list of issues addressed by bills introduced recently in Virginia:

  • Authority and jurisdiction of community security guards
  • Placement of stormwater management areas
  • Solar facilities
  • Housing discrimination
  • Disclosure packets
  • Sidewalks
  • Dissemination of annual budget

MercerTrigiani closely follows all legislative activity related to community associations in Richmond and lobbies in support of actions that benefit our clients and their members.